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Our industrial 3D printing service ensures accuracy and repeatability so you get highly precise parts—every time. At Rapid-MFG, additive manufacturing is designed for functional prototypes, complex designs, and production components in as fast as 1 day.

Online 3D Printing Service for Custom Parts

Our online 3D printing service allows you to 3D print your custom parts on demand. We offer six 3D printing technologies to convert your 3D files into plastic, metal, and elastomer parts. Plus, our 3D printing services use powders, filaments, and resins that have proven to last 50 times longer than standard 3D printing materials in mobile applications. With over 10,000 square meters of production floor space, we can reliably deliver parts within days. Partnering with Rapid-MFG In addition to a wide selection of materials, we offer various post-treatment options to improve appearance or enhance mechanical properties.
We 3D print components for prototype and low-volume production with no minimum order requirements!

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TipAn affordable way to get rough prototypes, educational and hobby projects.Budget friendly printing with resins, great for figurines, minis and scale models.High-precision resin printing for medical applications and jewelry master models.High-definition resin printing with multiple materials and color support. Provides accurate structure, texture and visual appearance.Works best for low batch productions, snap-fit prototypes and mechanical parts.Produces metal parts and components, suitable for replacements and rapid metal prototypes.
Average cost$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Average turnaround* (including shipping)4 days8 days10 days10 days10 days15 days
How it worksProduces objects from string plastic or rubber, which is heated and extruded through a nozzle to form an object from the bottom up.Uses LED lights and a masking screen to selectively cure UV resins. While similar to stereolithography, LED-based 3D printers are more prone to voxelization, resulting in parts with more visible layers. On the bright side, DUP printing is much quicker than common SLA.With a more powerful and precise light source (projector in DLP and a laser in SLA) these technologies are more accurate and smooth.Operates several nozzles to drop mix and combine UV resins with each layer instantly cured by the source on the printing head.Using a laser fuses plastic powder grains layer by layer. This technology is most cost-efficient when many parts are nested and printed in one run. Parts are recommended to be post-processed or coated as they are highly porous.Like SLS, uses a laser, however, not just sinters the powder grains but melts them together. This method allows getting complex metal parts and even pieces from precious metals.
Compatible materials100+ Plastics, rubbers, polyesters, polyamides, exotic and engineering compositesUV & Daylight Resins, Castable, Tough, Flexible typesUV Resins, Engineering, Dental, Medical, Castable and Flexible typesUV Resins, Wide range of properties available through combinations, matte & glossy finish possiblePolyamides, Rubbers and Nylon-based composites with special properties (esd-safe, medical, etc)Metals

* — an average value is presented, more accurate lead time is shown in the widget


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Our 3D Printing Services For Various Applications

Various industries benefit from our online 3D printing services. Many businesses require an economical and efficient solution to realize rapid prototyping and production of 3d prints.

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Rapid-MFG provides a range of high-quality 3D printing (additive manufacturing) services, including FDM, SLA, SLS and SLM. This allows for the 3D printing of plastics and metals, and provides options for both prototyping and production.Contact us now.

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