Consumer and durable goods manufacturing

Accelerate prototyping and new product introduction of high-quality consumer products for various applications. Get outstanding custom consumer goods and automotive manufacturing at competitive prices and fast lead times.

Why work with us?

Today’s manufacturers expect agility. Rapid-MFG’s on-demand manufacturing model allows us to shift with consumer demands and deliver manufactured parts and durables fast. 

In-House Product Design Expertise

We can design completely new products from the ground up or optimize your current designs with our mechanical and industrial design and engineering expertise.

Rapid Prototyping, On-Demand Manufacturing

We can shift and react quickly to changes in the market, taking your design from prototype to product faster than typical launch timelines.​

High-Tech, Low-Cost Manufacturing

Our technology-agnostic offerings, on-demand capabilities, and fulfilment model allow you to choose the right scale for your go-to-market plan.​

Why Product Prototype Development?

The business strategy of companies has been transformed to “respond to market demand quickly”, and the time factor is above all. Under the requirement, the competitiveness of companies lies in how to create new product prototypes as soon as possible to validate the design of product developers and iterate quickly to bring a new product idea to market faster to appeal to your target audience.
A product prototype is like a “toolbox” for designers and engineers to verify that the design meets the specifications or requirements defined in the prototype development process.

Custom Manufacturing Capabilities for Consumer Products

Get quality custom consumer products through expertise, proprietary processes, and a commitment to quality. Rapid-MFG’s custom manufacturing capabilities are the key to producing consumer products that meet your unique needs and requirements. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure your concept becomes a reality. Whether you need custom parts, tailored production runs, or unique packaging solutions, our technical expertise will provide the best possible outcome.

CNC Machining

Injection Molding

Sheet Metal Fabrication

3D Printing

You Generate The Concept , We Will Build It End-To-End Product Development Solution

Precision Consumer Products Applications

Prototypes and Parts for Consumer Products Companies

We are dedicated to delivering top-quality prototyping and new product introduction for consumer products companies. Our customers trust us to provide outstanding manufacturing solutions that exceed their expectations. With top-notch technical support and an intensive quality management system, every product meets safety and performance requirements.

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Rapid-MFG offers custom consumer products at a fast turnaround time and affordable pricing. Whether you need a single finished prototype or high volume parts, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with quotes and suggestions free of charge.