Automotive parts and components manufacturing

We specialize in automotive prototyping and parts manufacturing as a complete service, which allows us to expand our knowledge and experience in this field. Whether it is from proof of concept design to mechanical component engineering test, or from exterior lighting prototypes to interior part manufacturing, we are able to support at all levels.

Why work with us?

As automakers seek to produce lighter, stronger, more cost-effective OEM parts, they need a partner who can take advantage of today’s digital technologies and advanced manufacturing processes. When creating your next automotive masterpiece, it takes a long time to go from design to rapid prototyping to mass production. Each stage is so crucial that we pride ourselves on offering various custom services. At Rapid-MFG, we specialize in the prototyping and production of industry-standard automotive parts. We combine manufacturing and engineering expertise with advanced technology to ensure we deliver high-quality parts, regardless of complexity. We also guarantee that parts stand the test of time while ensuring you meet production goals and accelerate your automotive product development.

Technology-agnostic automotive manufacturing

We analyze each and every project to determine the best-fit manufacturing technology; creating efficiencies no matter the process.

Quality management and certifications

Our engineering team has established a production part approval process (PPAP) for automotive applications, and we hold AIAG certification.

Robust material offerings

Our library of materials — from traditional metals to additive plastics — create new opportunities for lightweighting and part consolidation in automotive part production.

Why Prototyping In The Automotive Industry?

The automotive industry is a complex and huge industry, and it requires frequent design iterations and new design developments in the face of market pressures. However, the automotive design and development cycle is a long process, so fast and efficient prototyping is a must-have bridge for it. Automotive prototyping represents an important step in the validation process between the initial product design and the final production run.

The prototyping process will help design teams figure out how to make new designs appeal to consumers and prove their value, how to communicate ideas and iterate designs more quickly and effectively with stakeholders and project teams, and how to verify and test functionality and evaluate part manufacturing processes.

We Are Experienced In Automotive Prototyping And Auto Parts Manufacturing. We Look Forward To Your Better Experience, And With Rapid-MFG, You Will Find Out Which Process Best Meets Your Needs And Fits Your Product Definition.

Automotive Manufacturing Capabilities

We offer top-quality services at different stages of the production cycle, from prototyping to mass production. At Rapid-MFG, we guarantee you road-worthy automotive parts with high quality. Furthermore, our quality control process ensures you get parts that meet your quality requirements at a low cost.

CNC Machining

Injection Molding

Sheet Metal Fabrication

3D Printing

Precision Automotive Applications

Custom Prototypes and Parts for Automotive Companies

Businesses and automotive parts companies trust our manufacturing solutions to produce their custom automotive parts. They rely on us for all the stages of production, from prototyping to mass production, as they know we produce parts that meet industry performance and safety standards.

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Ready to make your automotive parts with Rapid-MFG?

We are proud to provide comprehensive prototyping and manufacturing solutions to world-renowned automakers and tier-one suppliers such as BMW, Bentley, Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations and help them succeed in the marketplace.