• What type of secondary surface finishing does Rapid-MFG provide?

    Rapid-MFG offers a wide variety of secondary engineering surface finishing services to meet your expected look on your ordered parts, including anodizing, painting, electroplating, brushing, and many more. You can learn more details by looking at our surface finishing capabilities.

  • What is DFM?

    DFM is the abbreviation of Design for Manufacture. Rapid-MFG’s engineers will review drawing and assess any potential manufacturability issues and defects in DFM analysis stage. DFM normally includes below aspects:

    • Gate position

    • Undercuts (can be de-molded or not?)

    • Parting line

    • Ejector location

    • Finish requirement

    • Draft analysis

    • Wall thickness analysis (judged by flow length ratio)

    • Material flow

    • Problems with the current design and prototyping

    • Potential defects (ex: sink mark, short shot, air trapped and etc.)

    Making critical design changes to part geometry during the initial design stage saves you time and money, and ultimately achieves the required quantity and expedites your product’s speed to market.

  • How to check that everything is correct within drawings before ordering?

    We list following points to help you check if everything is correct before placing the order.  Noted that no checklist can cover all situations. Please check every point is up to standard even it’s a very low volume manufacturing order.

    • Completeness – Make sure that no holes, features are missing.

    • Specifications – Make sure tolerance and specification are correct.

    • Responsibility – You are fully responsible for the correctness of the supplied data files.

    • Surface finish – Make sure the post- finish option meets your expectation.

    • Tolerance – Make sure the design has proper allowance and tolerance.

    • Fit – Make sure parts fit together properly.

  • How to get a quote?

    There are two ways to get your project started.

    1.Uploading your 3D CAD files (preferably in STEP or IGES format) on our “Request a Quote” web foam.

    2.Sending us an email with the 3D CAD files (preferably in STEP or IGS format)

    Don’t forget to include the following details:

    Desired manufacturing process, quantity, material, colour, surface finish, a PDF drawing will be better to include general information relating to tolerances, inserts and surface roughness. 

  • What type of design files do you support?

    In order to review your designs and give a timely quote, we are able to accept 3D CAD files in formats STEP (.stp), IGES (.igs), X_T. We highly recommend you providing a 2D drawings with tolerance requirements or tapped holes in PDF format. 

  • How long does a quotation take?

    We will provide you with quotation and free design feedback within 24 hours or even shorter. If there are potential manufacturing issues in the designs, we will contact you with detailed information and suggestion as soon as possible. 

  • What materials can be selected for production?

    We can source a majority of common materials that available on the market. Click here to learn details of material properties and application. Customer-supplied material is also fine as long as it fits with our machine capabilities.

  • What tolerances can you achieve?

    General tolerances for CNC machining is ISO 2768-1 F for machined metal, ISO 2768-1 M for machined plastic. Please specify your expected tolerance if it is tighter than the ISO standard ones. 

  • Do you have the minimum or maximum order quantity?

    We don’t set minimum or maximum order quantity. You can order any part from 1 up to 100,000+.

    Note: Items that require set-up price like CNC machining or vacuum casting may have great reduction in price over quantities as the fixed setup price is amortized over the order quantities.

  • What are Rapid-MFG shipping terms for prototyping and production orders?

    We apply the terms Ex Works (EXW) for rapid prototyping and production orders. We are responsible for having the goods ready at our factory, the customer is responsible for transportation cost, customs duty This means the customer is responsible for shipping, customs clearance and all of the further costs associated with delivering the goods from our factory to the destination.

  • What is your payment terms?

    1. Rapid Prototyping: Payment shall be made upon order confirmation by the new customer. Net 30 days payment terms will be provided after a certain number of prepaid orders and approval from our accounting department.

    2. Tooling: Terms are 50% down payment for tooling and any parts ordered on the initial purchase order (if applicable), and 50% balance payment upon sample acceptance. 

    3. Molding & Casting: The molding project or casting project will commence after receiving 100% tooling payment up front.


  • What payment methods can you accept?

    We only accept bank to bank wire transfer.

  • How fast can I get my part?

    If you can provide us with a complete 2D and 3D CAD drawing, we can manufacture high-quality parts and products in just one week. We will try to expedite the manufacturing process if we can.

    As for shipping, it will take 2-5 calendar days for the air freight service from China to North America or Europe.

  • How much is shipping?

    Shipping cost is estimated base on your ordered parts weight, volume weight, address and shipping method. Customers shall pay the duties, and fees associated with globally shipping. Unless otherwise agreed, all rapid prototyping and regular production orders shall be ex-works. This means the customer needs to pay all shipping costs, import duties, taxes, and all other charges related to shipping process once the goods have left our premises.

  • Could I use the quickest shipping options?

    Definitely sure. Our shipping terms is Ex Works (EXW). The shipping option can be either express or normal air freight, which all depends on your requirement.

  • Do you offer reverse engineering and design services?

    If you don’t have 3D file or your current 3D CAD model is not ready for manufacturing, we can provide you with high quality CAD model you need with your idea. We can also offer reverse precision engineering service using your legacy parts.

  • Do you sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements)?

    Although Rapid-MFG respect your privacy and ensure your content secure and private, we can sign and adhere a NDA or confidentiality agreement.

  • Does LC Rapid provide export molds?

    Yes, we provide export molds. Please specify your requirement of export molds so that we can manufacture the tooling in the size that fit into your own molding machines.

  • What is Rapid-MFG’s Import/Export Code for China?

    Rapid-MFG’s import and export code for China is 

  • What industries use Rapid-MFG services?

    Our services can be used in a wide range of industries, ranging from Aerospace, UAV, Automation, Robotics, Automotive, to Consumer Goods, Electronic Communication, Industrial, Medical, Defense, Education, and Energy. We offer Plastic Injection Molding, Pressure Die Casting, CNC machining and rapid prototyping parts.

  • What are advantages of working with Rapid-MFG?

    With a strong manufacturing background and exceptional customer service, we are the best choice on the most critical and cost sensitive jobs. 

    Rapid-MFG is a positive, growing company that aims to be a significant part of the manufacturing community and we are eagerly developing new relationships in the Aerospace, UAV, Automation, Robotics, Automotive,Consumer Goods, Electronic Communication, Industrial, Medical,Defense, Education, and Energy sectors. 

  • What if part quality does not meet my specifications?

    All our parts are manufactured in accordance with your design and requirements. For example, the sheet metal we produce conforms to the industry standard sheet metal fabrication tolerances. Also we did a comprehensive final inspection before shipping your parts, they were within specification. In the unlikely event a non-conformity is found, please notify us within 7 days of receipt of goods so that we can provide you with a solution. We will replace or rework for free if it is our responsibility. 


  • How we ensure the quality of your parts?

    It is our goal to deliver quality products, on time, at competitive prices. We will work with our customers to develop a clear understanding of their needs and requirements. We will support our clients’ goals and success by continuously improving our operations and quality program to deliver a defect-free product.


    – 100% inspection of close tolerance dimensions or flow requirements as well as “fit-form” features such as threads, slip fits, press fits etc.

    – First article inspection, in process sampling and final inspection data available upon request.


    – We take pride in our shipping procedures and packaging that far exceed your requirements. We make sure that you receive your parts clean, deburred, undamaged and clearly identified.


  • How can you protect goods from damages during the transport?

    The small pieces of parts will be carefully wrapped by polyethylene foam or bubble warp and placed in corrugated cartons to offer rigidity and impact protection. The heavy and bulky parts will be protected in wooden crates.

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